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Palomar Observatory

Location: 33.35°N, 116.86°W
Altitude: 1712 m
Type: Optical, IR

Table Mountain Observatory

Location: 32.84°N, 116.43°W
Altitude: 2286 m
Type: Optical

Mount Laguna Observatory

Location: 34.38°N, 117.68°W
Altitude: 1859 m
Type: Optical

North Gemini Observatory

Location: 19.82°N, 155.47°W
Altitude: 4213 m
Type: Optical

Mount Keck Observatory

Location: 19.82°N, 155.47°W
Altitude: 4145 m
Type: Optical, IR

Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory

Location: 24.37°N, 124.14°E
Altitude: m
Type: Optical

Lulin Observatory

Location: 23.67°N, 120.99°E
Altitude:2862 m
Type: Optical

Himalayan Chandra Telescope

Location: 32.78°N, 78.96°E
Altitude:4500 m
Type: Optical, IR

Giant Metre-Wave Radio Telescope

Location: 19.08°N, 74.05°E
Collecting Area: 47.74 sq km
Type: Radio (50-1500 MHz)

Girawali Observatory

Location: 19.07°N, 73.84°E
Altitude: 689 m
Type: Optical

WISE Observatory

Location: 30.60°N, 34.76°E
Altitude: 875 m
Type: Optical

Stella Robotic Observatory

Location: 28.30°N, 16.51°W
Altitude: 2400 m
Type: Optical

Nordic Optical Telescope

Location: 28.76°N, 17.89°W
Altitude: 2382 m
Type: Optical, IR

Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory

Location: Low Earth Orbit
Semi-Major Axis: 6939 km
Type: X-ray, UV

Expanded Very Large Array

Location: 34.08°N, 107.61°W
Collecting Area: 13.25 sq km
Type: Radio (0.073 - 50 GHz)

Discovery Channel Telescope

Location: 34.08°N, 107.61°W
Altitude: 2360 m
Type: Optical, IR

Fenton Hill Observatory

Location: 35.88°N, 106.67°W
Altitude: Unknown
Type: Optical

Liverpool Telescope

Location: 28.8°N, 17.9°W
Altitude: 2363 m
Type: Optical

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